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Posted by Jaygee on Mon, 5 Feb 2018

If you are looking for a great job with fab conditions and top pay, get in touch with us right now! We need stylist of all levels, apprentices and assistants. Call, e-mail or drop in your CV.


Posted by Jaygee on Mon, 5 Feb 2018

POP! Where did that suddenly come from? When did we start talking to clients as if they were in an old folks home or just mentally challenged? POP yourself down! Instead of "please take a seat". POP over to the basin? Instead of "please take a seat at the basin" or I'll just POP a towel around you! Instead of " I'll just put a towel around you". People are "POPPING" all over the place and it sounds patronising, condescending and just plain CRAP! 

Years ago we decided we weren't going to ask our clients if they'd "had their holidays yet' or "going somewhere nice tonight". Now I've got this POPPING noise in my ears....and it's got to STOP!.......Right....I'm POPPING off for a while now!


Posted by Jaygee on Mon, 11 Jan 2016

One of our top stylists, Helen, recently moved to Bristol and one of our graduates, Josh headed off to Australia. They were both fab members of the team and we wish them both all the luck in the world with their new lives. However, consequently, we have a couple of plum jobs going for the right people. So if you are a talented stylist and great with people, whatever your level, get in touch with us. We offer top whack salaries, lovely conditions, great ongoing training and support. Send your cv to salon@jeffgoodwinhair.co.uk or ring us on 01392 219855. We are also looking for committed apprentices!


Posted by Jaygee on Thu, 25 Jun 2015

Our current opening hours are;


Tuesday/Wednesday...9.15 to 5.30.pm

Thursday...10.16 to 8.00.pm

Friday...9.15 to 6.00.pm

Saturday...9.00 to 4.30.pm

The Story Behind our 30th Anniversary Celebtration

Posted by Jaygee on Thu, 29 May 2014

When I started thinking of how I wanted to celebrate our anniversary, a whole year ago, I started with an idea that I wanted to connect with the community, to “get out there”. 

I wanted to raise funds for charity too, one local, one national and one from the hair industry, to put something back. After a lot of thought, we chose, Great Ormond street hospital London, Hospiscare Devon and the Hair and Beauty Benevolent fund. 

So I thought we could “get out there” physically and do “pop up” hairdressing for a donation in various locations around the town. We needed an eye catching vehicle to do this, maybe a retro mini pick-up or similar, so I started to research online. Then I stumbled across a limited edition Piaggio Ape Calessino, produced to celebrate Piaggio’s centenary, only 600 to be made worldwide, commonly known as a TukTuk, because of the sound it makes. Our celebration, their celebration, seemed like fate!

Not generally available in the UK, I imported one direct from India, where they are made, this is only the second one of its type in the country. 

I thought it would be good to play music from the TukTuk, to help attract a crowd, but what music should we play? Then while watching The Sunday Skyclub playing live at the South West Music awards, I thought, how about having our own song written, so I approached them and asked them to write us a song, in their own style, but containing the words, “Love Your Hair”!  They come up with three great songs, so we decided to use all of them and make it an e.p. which was produced and recorded at the Animal Farm Studios in London in the spring.

What about a CD cover then? Well as it was my intention to connect with the community, I decided to ask Exeter primary school children to design the cover. I made it a competition and offered the prize of a year’s free hairdressing for the winning child and his/her parents, with the winning design being chosen by the band. I wrote to 16 local schools and only 1 agreed to get involved, Alphington, so over 400 of their pupils designed a cover, it was a tough decision, but the band chose the design of 5 year old Barnaby Channon. “Those cute little spiky haired orange dudes just make me smile!” said lead singer, Ed. 

Now the TukTuk will be touring the streets over Exeter with the “Love Your Hair” songs blasting from its sound system , offering to “rescue” people from a bad hair day by bringing them to the salon for a hairdo in return for just a donation. 

During our special year, the TukTuk will also be appearing at events around Devon, particularly supporting Hospiscare in their fundraising. 

The Sunday Skyclub will be appearing at venues around Devon and beyond and they will be selling CDs to raise funds at their gigs. They have already had their songs played on BBC introducing and we hope that their song “Heartbreaker” (love your hair), will be a big hit!

We aim to sell 1000 copies of the CD which is also available on iTunes and Amazon. That means that a supporter of our charities can make a donation and get three great songs into the bargain, with just a few clicks on a mobile or a computer, anywhere in the world! 

Please help us by buying a CD, telling your local friends to come and buy a CD and by telling everyone else you know to download it on the “net”. We hope to raise at least £5000 during the year! Thanks to all involved!

Listen to "Heartbreaker" on our home page, then please click through to iTunes and buy it! Many thanks. JG.

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